My Sophomore YearMy Junior Year

My Favorites and Least Favorites


Least Favorite (hate?)

TV ShowI Love Lucy, Absolutely Fabulous, Golden Girls, The Nanny, America's Next Top Model, etc.I don't know; there's quite a few.
Reality ShowAmerica's Next Top ModelAll but ANTM
Talk Show HostConan O'BrienJay Leno. The man is simply not funny.
ColorGreen. Green. GREEN!Blue.
FoodCheese, beef, mushrooms, olives, etc.Hard to say, maybe pickled herring.
ActressAudrey HepburnUgly chicks who can't act.
ActorMaybe Kenneth Branagh, PURRRRUgly chumps who can't act.
NationUnited KingdomFrance
CityLondonParis (ask about my ordeal there, eek!)
MovieMy Fair Lady, Charade, Torn Curtain, Marnie, Rebecca, the "Hornblower" series, etc.The Fast and the Furious, with Autumn in New York in a close 2nd
BeverageKen's Lemonade-Stand Lemonade, or Shirley TemplesIced tea
Soft DrinkApple, orange, grape, etc juiceRoot Beer, etc...
DessertDip 'n' Dots- Banana Split or B & J- Phish Food, apple pie, cake (no icing)Anything with coconuts, ewwwww....
AnimalPig or cat, I can't decide.Spiders! I would have died if I were Ron Weasley.
WebsiteThis one of course!There are so many bad ones. Badly made and/or in bad taste.
BookI dunno, I read so much and so many things I love, can't pick one.Oh gosh. I don't know. There've been a lot that I hated.
AuthorAgatha ChristieJack London or maybe Dan Brown. Oy.
Song1812 Overture.Not sure. I'll get back to you.
Band/MusicianJosh Groban, Cranberries, Beatles, U2, Lady Gaga, Charlotte Church, Duran Duran, etc, etc.Everyone but these people. Maybe.
MusicalMy Fair Lady, Chicago, 42nd Street, The Music Man, and The Sound of Music all kick big bootieNone. :D
DanceArgentina's own TANGO!The polka really bites.
HobbyCrocheting, being a nerd, etc.Golf, I just don't like it.
SportTennis. RAFA! And rugby.Probably baseball.
Sports-FigureMichael Ballack, David Beckham, RAFAEL NADAL!Cuauhtemoc Blanco, maybe (I'd like him if I were Mexican)
Nail-polish484 Rapid Ruby by RimmelAnything cheap and gross
ScentDew-dropped honeysuckles on a midsummer's night.Burnt rubber, makes me soooo dizzy
Piece of ClothingBustleShorts
TV ChannelBravoBET, ABC, TBN, etc.
Day of the WeekSaturdayThursday
SweathogEpstein, c'mon! He was cuuute. :)Oh come on, that's like picking a favorite child.
PersonJOE FEIST!I bet you wish you knew!

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