Kenneth Charles Branagh

A Branagh a day keeps the doctor away!  ;-)

Kenneth 'Henry V' Branagh
born: December 10, 1960 in Belfast, N. Ireland
height: 5'10"
weight: whatever it is, I don't care! :-D
hair: naturally, it's a sandy blonde
eyes: buhluuuue
marital status: married, but that's okay
Oooh, there is SO much to like when it comes to the dear, dear Ken! :-D Besides the lust factor (go here for one of my FAVORITE photos of him), he's a really intelligent guy. Oh, he is extremely intelligent, meeeow. And he's SUCH a good actor...his performance makes me cry everytime I watch Henry V. He's had pretty good taste in women so far: ex-wife Emma Thompson, and ex-girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter. I adore them both--don't know much about his new wife. He's also a pretty witty guy when he's off-stage/off-screen/off-whatever-else, not to say that he can't do comedy well, 'cause he can do that too. :-) There is one fault though...what was he thinking with Wild Wild West?!? Well, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets more than makes up for that. (Yes, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan.) Also, more recently I have really enjoyed watching his Wallander series. Seriously worth checking out if you're as into crime fiction as me (and Kenneth, too, apparently).

oh LAWDEE!!this is KB in one of his costumes as Gilderoy Lockhart, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


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