gorgeousness epitomized

Terence in Midsomer Murders

Terence Corrigan

born: 08 August 1978, in Northern Ireland.
height: 5'10".
weight: ???? No guesses on this one.
hair: Beautiful chestnut brown.
eyes: Creamy chocolate brown.
Hmm, just look at the lad. He's just so enticing!
(I know that sounds weird, but ever heard of LUST?) :-)
Then, there were reports around the set of Horatio Hornblower,
that he was a giggler! Hey, I'm a giggler too! No problem,
but I have worked on stifling myself. Anyhow, he is
quite a good actor (from what I've seen, and read).
And he doesn't seem to be a bad sort (cat murderer, porn
fiend, etc), but you never can tell.... Well, even if he were
a serial killer, he'd still be a good looking serial killer.
Terence in Midsomer Murders, yeah he was in two eps, but these caps are from the same ep

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Terence in Horatio Hornblower, POOR WELLARD! Terence in HH again, just something 'bout a man in uneeform

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Terence in 'Best'