I Love Lucy

210/15/51The Girls Want to Go to a NightclubClubs vs fights on the Mertzes' 18th. Girls are hillbillies.
310/22/51Be A PalRicky ignores Lucy so she turns apartment into Cuba
410/29/51The DietLucy needs to lose 12 lbs in 1 week
111/05/51Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder HerLucy's reading mysteries and thinks Ricky will kill her
511/12/51The Quiz ShowFor $1000 Lucy introduces stranger as her first husband
611/19/51The AuditionRicky tries to do show without Lucy but she steals show with cello
711/26/51The SeanceSuperstitions bring a Seance into Living room to find Tillie
812/03/51Men Are MessyBest Dressed Men
1012/10/51The Fur CoatLucy thinks a Ricky's show fur is a gift for her
1112/17/51Lucy is Jealous of Girl SingerRicky is not seeing Rosemary
912/24/51DraftedColonel Mertz & General Ricardo vs pregnant wives
1212/31/51The AdagioJean Valmont Raymond teaches Lucy Apache
1301/07/52The BenefitLucy re-writes Ricky's jokes
1401/14/52The Amateur HourLucy tries to make money by babysitting Twins!
1501/21/52Lucy Plays CupidMiss Lewis and the amorous butcher Mr. Ritter
1601/28/52Lucy Fakes IllnessThe gobloots, booshoo bird, and Lucy's zorch
1702/04/52Lucy Writes a PlayIs this a Cuban or an English play?
1802/11/52Breaking the LeaseMertzes and Ricardos fight after a wild singing night
1902/18/52The BalletSlowly I Turn and Madame Lamond
2002/25/52The Young FansPeggy Dawson and Arthur Morton have crushes
2103/03/52New NeighborsThe O'Briens will blow up the capitol
2203/10/52Fred and Ethel FightLucy fakes bus accident; Ricky fakes fire
2303/17/52The MoustacheLucy uses Bulldog Cement on a beard
2403/24/52The GossipGrace Foster and the Milkman
2503/31/52Pioneer WomenButter for $23.75; the Society Matrons League
2604/07/52The Marriage LicenseRicky makes Lucy think the marriage license was invalid so they remarry
2704/14/52The KleptomaniacLucy takes Fred's cuckoo clock
2804/21/52Cuban PalsRicky does the African Wedding Dance (voodoo)
2904/28/52The Freezer700 pounds of meat
Listen to Lucy doing her sales pitch at the butcher's. (230kb)
3005/05/52Lucy Does a TV CommercialVitameatavegamin
3105/12/52The Publicity AgentLucy becomes a Maharincess to boost Ricky's career
3205/19/52Lucy Gets Ricky on the RadioRicky knows all the trivia answers
3305/26/52Lucy's ScheduleThe Littlefields have dinner
3406/02/52Ricky Thinks He's Getting BaldLucy tries to keep Ricky from fretting about his hairline
3506/09/52Ricky Asks for a RaiseFred, Ethel & Lucy cancel all reservations without Ricky

3909/15/52Job SwitchingChocolate Factory
4009/22/52The SaxophoneLucy can't join tour so fakes a closet full of men
3609/29/52The Anniversary PresentGrace Foster sells Ricky pearls for Lucy
3710/06/52The HandcuffsLucy and Ricky do a show together literally
3810/13/52The OperettaLucy plays the Queen of the Gypsies
4110/27/52Vacation from MarriageThey separate for a week
4211/10/52The CourtroomThey go to court over the Mertz's TV
4311/24/52RedecoratingLucy hangs striped wallpaper in bedroom
4412/01/52Ricky Loses His VoiceLucy stages "Flapper Follies of 1927"
5012/08/52Lucy is EncienteLucy Announces Her Pregnancy
5112/15/52Pregnant Women are UnpredictableLucy thinks Ricky only loves the baby
5212/22/52Lucy's Show Biz Swan SongBarbershop Quartet
5312/29/52Lucy Hires an English TutorLousy english leads to lessons
5401/05/53Ricky Has Labor PainsStag party. Pistachio ice cream, sardines
5501/12/53Lucy Becomes a SculptressMr. Harvey buys Lucy's Head
5601/19/53Lucy Goes to the HospitalLucy has her baby
4501/26/53Sales ResistanceA $102.60 Westinghouse vacuum cleaner
4602/02/53Inferiority ComplexLucy can't tells jokes; shrink flatters
4702/26/53Club ElectionLillian Appleby gets a cashmere vote
4803/09/53Black EyeNo one believes the reason for a black eye
4903/30/53Lucy Changes Her MindLucy won't make up her mind. She send a letter to former flame
5704/20/53No Children AllowedLittle Ricky's crying & Mrs. Trumbull
5804/27/53Lucy Hires a MaidEvil Mrs. Porter
5905/04/53Indian ShowBlood-Curdling Indian Tales
6005/11/53Lucy's Last BirthdayLucy becomes a Friend of the Friendless when no one remember's her birthday
6105/18/53Ricardos Change ApartmentsLucy swaps apartments with the Bensons
6205/25/53Lucy is MatchmakerEddie Grant thinks Lucy's matchmaking is actually a come-on
6306/01/53Lucy Wants New FurnitureLucy bought furniture she can't afford so she does her own dress and hair
6406/08/53Camping TripLucy outshoots, outruns, outfishes Ricky
66Ricky & Fred Are TV FansPickpocket Pearl & Sticky Fingers Sal
6706/29/53Never Do Business With FriendsWashing machine goes berserk
6510/05/53Ricky's "Life" StoryLucy is snubbed by Life magazine, so she gets into Ricky's show
6810/12/53Girls Go Into BusinessGirls buy Hansen's dress shop
6910/19/53Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same DressGirls cohost a benefit but end up buying the same dress
7010/26/53Equal RightsGirls want equal rights but end up washing dishes
7111/02/53Baby PicturesLittle Ricky vs Stevie Appleby
7211/09/53Lucy Tells the TruthLucy tells truth playing bridge, but not at a knive-throwing audition
7311/16/53French RevueLucy wants to learn French and Ricky decides to put on a Revue
7411/23/53Redecorating the Mertzes' ApartmentLucy will get a mink stole, but she paints the Mertz apartment
7511/30/53Too Many CrooksLucy and Ethel might me the Madame X burglar
7612/07/53Changing the Boys' WardrobeBoys dress like grunge but Ricky wins a Best Dressed award
7712/14/53Lucy Has Her Eyes ExaminedLucy tries to do the jitterbug with dilated eyes
7812/21/53Ricky's Old Girl FriendIs your Spouse a Louse? Carlotta Romero
7901/11/54Million Dollar IdeaAunt Martha's Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing
8001/18/54Ricky Minds the BabyRicky performs Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish and babysits
8101/25/54Charm SchoolPhoebe Emerson's Charm School; Eve is glamorous
8202/01/54Sentimental AnniversaryLucy & Ricky sneak out of surprise party
8302/08/54Fan Magazine InterviewLucy jealous of Minnie Finch invitation
8402/15/54Oil WellsCowboy sells oil stocks to Ricardos and Mertzes
8502/22/54Ricky Loses His TemperLucy can't get Ricky to fly off the handle for a new hat
8603/01/54Home MoviesLucy splices cowboy skit in Ricky's movie
8703/08/54Bonus BucksLucy dry-cleaned for $300
8803/22/54Ricky's Hawaiian VacationBe a Good Neighbor; Ricky spoils trip
8903/29/54Lucy in EnviousWomen From Mars
9004/05/54Lucy Writes a NovelReal Gone with the Wind
9104/12/54Lucy's Club DanceRicky and the All Girl Orchestra
304/19/54Black WigEskimo Ethel & Italian Lucy
9204/26/54DinerLittle Bit of Cuba vs Big Hunk of America
9405/03/54Tennessee Ernie VisitsErnie Ford stays one night too long
9505/10/54Tennessee Ernie Hangs OnErnie Ford finally leaves when he gets gang on Hillbilly show
9605/17/54Golf GameJimmy Demaret learns to play golf the Lucy way
9705/24/54SubleaseJumpy juror Mr. Beecher sees Lucy die
10010/04/54Business ManagerLucy uses credit at market to pay when business manager takes away funds
10210/11/54Mertz & KurtzBarney Kurtz visits Mertzes and is not as famous as they thought
9810/18/54Lucy Cries WolfLucy lies repeatedly about being burglarized
9910/25/54MatchmakerRicardos fight when Lucy tries to matchmake Sam and Dorothy
10104/11/55Mr. & Mrs. TV ShowLucy gets a TV show for Ricky but then screws it up during rehearsal
10311/08/54Ricky's Movie OfferRicky gets chance to audition for a movie
10411/15/54Ricky's Screen TestLucy tries to steal audition away from Ricky
10511/22/54Lucy's Mother-in-LawLucy can't speak to Ricky's visiting mother so fakes it
10611/29/54Ethel's BirthdayLucy buys ugly hostess pants for Ethel and gets in fight
10712/06/54Ricky's ContractRicky's nervous about audition so Fred fakes Hollywood call
10812/13/54Getting ReadyThey decide to drive to Hollywood, but Fred buys a junk car
10901/03/55Lucy Learns to DriveLucy drives new Pontiac thru tunnel
11001/10/55California, Here We Come!Lucy's mom shows up for trip; Fred can't park car well
11101/17/55First StopThey stop in Ohio on way to Hollywood
11201/24/55Tennessee BoundLucy speeds her way to jail
11301/31/55Ethel's Home TownThey never forgot her, Ethel Mae Potter
11402/07/55L.A. At Last!Bill Holden lights Lucy's nose
11502/14/55Don Juan & the StarletsLucy thinks Ricky stayed out all nite with starlets
11602/21/55Lucy Gets in PicturesLucy is a show girl in movie
11702/28/55Fashion Show, TheLucy wants a Don Loper original but gets burnt before a show
11803/14/55Hedda Hopper Story, TheRicky wants publicity so tries to save drowning Lucy from pool
11903/21/55Don Juan is ShelvedRicky's movie is canned and producer Dore Schary meets gang
12003/18/55Bull Fight DanceLucy answers interview questions so that she can be in a CBS show
12104/04/55Hollywood AnniversaryRicky forgets Lucy's anniversary
12204/18/55Star Upstairs, TheCornell Wilde has Lucy on his balcony
12304/25/55In Palm SpringsRock Hudson tells Lucy a whistling story
12505/02/55Dancing Star, TheVan Johnson dances with Lucy
12405/09/55Harpo MarxCaroline Appleby meets Harpo
12605/16/55Ricky Needs an AgentLucy makes Ricky lose his contract
12705/30/55Tour, TheLucy gets Richard Widmark's grapefruit
12810/03/55Lucy Visits Grauman'sthey break John Wayne's footprints
12910/10/55Lucy and John WayneJohn Wayne tries to help by offering his footprints-- repeatedly
13010/17/55Lucy and the DummyDances with Ricky's head & gets offer
13110/24/55Ricky Sells the CarMertzes buy a motorcycle; train tickets
13210/31/55Great Train Robbery, TheLucy meets a jewelry robber
13311/07/55HomecomingRicky returns from Hollywood a star
13411/14/55Ricardos are Interviewed, TheRicardos should live in Penthouse
13511/28/55Lucy Goes to a RodeoWestern show at Fred's lodge
13612/05/55Nursery SchoolLittle Ricky @ nursery school gets tonsilectomy
13712/12/55Ricky's European BookingLucy and Ethel hold an illegal lottery
13812/19/55Passports, TheLucy loses birth certificate and locks herself in stowaway trunk
13901/02/56Staten Island FerryLucy and Fred fall asleep on a ferry before getting passports
14001/16/56Bon VoyageLucy misses boat, gets helicopter ride
14101/23/56Second HoneymoonLucy can't get Ricky time, and gets stuck in a portal
14201/30/56Lucy Meets the QueenLucy can meet the Queen by doing horsejumping dance
14302/06/56Fox Hunt, TheLucy jealous of actress Angela Randall
14402/20/56Lucy Goes to ScotlandLucy is eaten by a dragon
14502/27/56Paris at LastLucy buys fake cash and speaks french by way of Spanish & German
14603/05/56Lucy Meets Charles BoyerLucy asks Maurice Dubois to play Boyer to make Ricky jealous
14703/19/56Lucy Gets a Paris GownLucy wants a Jacques Marcel and gets potato sack dresses instead
14803/26/56Lucy in the Swiss AlpsLocarno vs Lucerne; avalanche
14904/09/56Lucy Gets Homesick in ItalyLucy just wants to wish Little Ricky a happy birthday
15004/16/56Lucy's Italian MovieLucy can get into Bitter Grapes movie by soaking up local color
15104/23/56Lucy's Bicycle TripLucy's passport problems going to Nice
15205/07/56Lucy Goes to Monte CarloLucy accidentally wins at Monte Carlo
15305/14/56Return Home from EuropeLucy smuggles her baby cheese
15410/01/56Lucy and Bob HopeLucy wants Bob for Ricky's new club
15710/08/56Little Ricky Learns to Play the DrumsMertzes get tired of Little Ricky's playing
15510/15/56Lucy Meets Orson WellesLucy thinks she'll do Shakespeare not magic with Orson
15610/22/56Little Ricky Gets Stage FrightLittle Ricky refuses to play drums before an audience
15810/29/56Visitor from ItalyGondalier Mario visits New York
15911/12/56Off to FloridaEvelyn Holmby the hatchet murderess
16011/19/56Deep-Sea FishingGirls bet $150 (to cover $140 shopping spree) over who can catch the bigger fish. Guys buy a huge tuna. Girls buy a huge tuna. Tunas play switcheroo in bathtubs as they hide fish from each other. Finally, during fishing where Ricky caught a baitsize thing, Lucy pulls Ricky overboard, pulls him up and finds a big fish in his shirt.
16111/26/56Desert IslandLucy empties canister of gas to avoid a a beauty contest
16212/03/56Ricardos Visit Cuba, TheLucy offends macho grossos Uncle Alberto
16312/17/56Little Ricky's School PageantLucy is witch in "The Enchanted Forest"
SP12/24/56I Love Lucy Christmas ShowFred trims tree too much; Santa visits
16401/07/57Lucy and the Loving CupLucy wears trophy instead of ugly hat
16601/14/57Lucy and SupermanLucy beats Caroline for a cool party by getting Superman
16501/21/57Little Ricky Gets a DogMr. Stewart doesn't like Fred the dog
16701/28/57Lucy Wants to Move to the CountryLucy schemes to buy and not buy a house in the country
16802/04/57Lucy Hates to LeaveRicardos moving to country, but Lucy buys back all furniture
16902/11/57Lucy Misses the MertzesMertzes visit Ricardos for the 1st time
17002/18/57Lucy Gets Chummy with the NeighborsLucy buys $3,272.75 furniture
17103/04/57Lucy Raises ChickensFred & Ethel move in with Lucy
17203/11/57Lucy Does the TangoChickens are failing so Lucy buys eggs
17303/18/57Ragtime BandLucy wants Ricky to play historical society
17403/25/57Lucy's Night in TownThe Most Happy Fella was a matinee. 2 seats
17504/01/57HousewarmingLucy envies Betty Ramsey-Ethel friendship
17604/08/57Building a Bar-B-QLucy loses her wedding ring in the BBQ pit
17704/22/57Country Club DanceDiana Jordan gets all dancing attention
17804/29/57Lucy Raises TulipsLucy mows down Betty's tulips
17905/06/57Ricardos Dedicate a Statue, TheLucy breaks statue; Lucy plays statue

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

X111/06/57Lucy Takes a Cruise to HavanaAnn Sothern & Lucy meet Ricky & Cesar Romero
X212/03/57Celebrity Next Door, TheLucy paints Tallulah Bankhead
X301/03/58Lucy Hunts UraniumFred MacMurray needs $ in Las Vegas
X402/03/58Lucy Wins a RacehorseBetty Grable helps Lucy win
X504/14/58Lucy Goes to Sun ValleyLucy uses Fernando Lamas in jealousy

X610/06/58Lucy Goes to MexicoMaurice Chevalier at Hotel Coronado
X712/01/58Lucy Makes Room for DannyDanny Thomas rents the Ricardo home
X802/09/59Lucy Goes to AlaskaRed Skelton flys over cheap land
X904/13/59Lucy Wants a CareerPaul Douglas hires Lucy as his Girl Friday
X1006/08/59Lucy's Summer VacationIda Lupino & Howard Duff share cottage
X1109/25/59Milton Berle Hides Out at the RicardosLucy gets Milton to do a western play
X1211/27/59Ricardos Go to Japan, TheBob Cummings gives geisha Lucy pearls
X1304/01/60Lucy Meets the MoustacheErnie Kovaks hires depressed Ricky

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