My favorite musical of all time is "My Fair Lady". Everything about it is perfect. The setting, the time period, the story-line, the songs, the dialogue, the costumes, just EVERYTHING! :-)
I like the original Broadway version, and the movie too! There are certain advantages to each. The original Broadway musical wasn't so commercial as the movie was. Take the whole Audrey Hepburn thing. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Audrey Hepburn!) She could NOT sing the material, yet they TOTALLY overpassed Julie Andrews when casting Eliza Doolittle. It's pretty ironic that that year's Oscar for Best Actress went to Julie Andrews for "Mary Poppins" instead of Audrey Hepburn for "My Fair Lady".

Anyhow, I also LOVE Rex Harrison. But Fox tried EVERYTHING to get Cary Grant to play Henry Higgins in the movie, MORE commercialism, but he flatly refused, insisting the Rex Harrison play Higgins. :-) GO CARY GRANT! Rex Harrison is just so amazing! He is a WONDERFUL actor. He's great in this, but have you ever seen "Cleopatra"? WOO! Can he act, or can he act? Well, he's no longer with us, so he COULD act. :-)

Then there's Stanley Hollowell who played Alfred Doolittle, Eliza's father. He is WONDERFUL! He is so jolly, and seems to really BE Alfie Doolittle. He's just amazing, and SO captivating!

Also, another point of the movie that AMAZES me is the costumes. Cecil Beaton, along with Givenchy, is one of my VERY favorite designers. If you've never seen "My Fair Lady" I highly suggest you go and rent it, and if you don't really have time to sit all the way through it, at least fast forward through it so you can see the BEAUTIFUL costuming and scenery by the GENIUS, Cecil Beaton! Sorry 'bout that run-on sentence there. :-) The Ascot scene is visually astonishing! Every single one of the dresses was specially designed by Mr. Beaton, and each is exquisite! It's MARVELOUS! :-D

The most wonderful thing about the movie, I'd have to say is the fact that with film you can edit it so that you can include more things than with stage. Take "Just You Wait" for instance. In the stage version, there is no king and no Prof. Higgins to be shot. But then again, I quite like it without the king, etc. :-)

aww, they don't know her!
Rex Harrison dancing,, all the costumes were FAB!

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