fresh out of the womb
That's me as a newborn. How cute!

awww, isn't that CUTE?
I wanted to be a ballerina.

i sailed with long john silver!
Personally, I think I was as cute as a button. However, buttons aren't really that cute are they?

it's a cookie!
That's me bowling using the incorrect fingers. :)

on a bridge!
I think that was Easter of '95. I used to have nice hair. :)

glamour shot, hehe
Oh how the mighty have fallen. :P

8th grade trip
I'm in the bunny ears. Of course, who else?

mom says i look good in pink and red, whaddya think?
I had just had my hair done, and mom insisted on taking my photograph, saying that my hair looked GORGEOUS. Yeah, suuuure.

this is my ho look.  :P
The one and only time I went to Winter Ball.

trigg county prom 2002
That is myself and my step-nieces the afternoon of Prom. Aren't we stunning? ;)

That is one of my step-niece's dolls. I have no children. And if I did I would hope I'd hold onto it better than that. :P

Socksie Sweetsie
This is my BEAUTIFUL kitty and myself. What a lovely pair we make. :D

tour that right? i don't speak french
That's me in Paris in June 2003. It's stinking cold on the Seine River! Wish I had brought my jacket.

my gene boaz drape, grrr
I should've brought my pearls for this picture. Oh well! I look too blonde and too pale. Hah.

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