The Sound of Music

I am sixteen, going on seventeen!I'm impossible!I'm Brigitta!  'No you're not!'I'm incorrigible.
You're smart, and your dress is the ugliest dress I ever saw!I'm Marta*holds up five fingers*

I don't know why, but I'm unhealthily attracted to this musical. I guess that it's because I can really identify with Maria's fun-spirited, impish nature. :-) I'm sure I'd get kicked out of my convent if I were ever to become a nun. But I'm not Catholic, so I doubt I'll ever be one. :-)

You're the fourteenth in a long line of governesses.

If you don't know the plot line to "The Sound of Music", then I suggest you run out to your video store and rent it. Despite everything you've heard about the cheery goodness, it does have several rather racy issues in it. The whole issue of Nazism, and them using their force to make others join the Third Reich. And there's alway the time-honored tradition of plots including a woman stealing the other woman's man. Some hot and steamy stuff. Yowser! But all joking aside, it really is a good movie.

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