In my little life I've been fortunate enough to see many wonderful places. And a couple of times I actually remembered to bring a camera! :D

St. Louis Arch
St. Louis: Field Trip, Spring 2002

My stepfather and I in Charleston
Atlantic Coast States: Spring Break 2002

Toledo, Spain
Spain and France: June 2003

Eastern Kentucky mountains
Danville, KY: Governor's Scholars Program, Summer 2003

Lady Liberty on a beautiful day
New York City, NY: June 1-5, 2004 (Celebration Youth Choir)

Me, Amanda, and the Appalachian Mountains
Harlan, KY: November 12-14, 2004 (Bethany, Jen, and Amanda's Birthdays)

Me and Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen--good times abound!
Denmark, Sweden, and Germany: May 2007