Biltmore's facade.
Biltmore's facade from atop the hill.
Walled promenade at Biltmore.
Fish pond at Biltmore
Staircase from the outside at Biltmore.
Walled promenade with fish ponds.
Biltmore's beautiful architecture.
More architecture.
A vista at Biltmore.
What a back porch! Hehe.
Some of Biltmore's gardens.
A beautiful tulip at Biltmore.
FINALLY A BED! Sleeping through the Smokies was rough.
My stepfather and I stand beside the shore in Charleston.
The dogwoods are beautiful in Charleston.
That's Fort Sumter in the distance. I swear.
The "Golden Dome" of Savannah.
The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the United States (in St. Augustine).
Rainbow Row in Charleston.
Some random plantation house between Charleston and Savannah.
Me sitting on a rail in the middle of the old cotton market in Savannah.
I wish we had Spanish moss where I live.
A squirrel on a loom in the Old City of St. Augustine.
My mother and I in St. John's Street, St. Augustine.