Henry Clay, but not the real one. Hah.
Me holding the GSP cat, Winston Churchill.
Me and Clyde.
The first and best hall date. :D
The Devil-Worshipper and me. (SHE DOESN'T WORSHIP SATAN, CALM DOWN.)
My roommate Rachel and I.
Madison, I miss you sweetie!
Aaron the Mormon Banjo Guy and me. :)
Me and my two HOTT prom dates.
Some of the wonderful gals from 2nd Yerkes.
A group of us in Weisiger. Or Weiseger. Or however it's spelled.
Joel and Sweetie-Seth playing something with those "Iraq's Most Wanted" cards.
Four of us in Weis...something. :P
Cassie and me. I MISS YOU!
Ashley, Kala y yo outside Cowan.
Ashley and me.
Ashley and me again the next day. Hehe.
The OTHER Ashley and me. :D
Former Gov. Bert Combs' house and lovely wife (and my historical analysis major).
The "mountains" in Former Gov. Combs' back yard.
Some kinda bicycling event while I was there....
In the lower left of the window it says, "Please do not put signs on this door." :D