Nichelle, Aaron, Blake, Danielle, myself, and Cajun on the bus as we were entering NYC.
Sarah, David, Lauren, Johnny, Zack, Michael, Shelly, and Jerry (on his phone angry) as we were entering NYC.
Lauren, myself, and Johnny at Cracker Barrel outside Louisville.
The Celebration Youth Choir singing inside the United Nations.
The facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Kayla and Darla with a wax Lucille Ball.
Cajun (asleep), myself, and Eli in the Delta Airlines box at Madison Square Garden.
Myself, Crissy, and Lauren striking a pose in our NJ hotel room.
The three of us at it again.
And again (I apologize for Crissy's truly frightening visage, hehe).
And AGAIN. Dunno why I bit the bear.
AGAIN. Charlie's Angels-style. :)
Again.... Sorry it's so scary.
Again, but we're cute this time!
Again, but for the last time. Haha.
Reba McIntire!!!
Matt Lauer!!!
Me being less than ladylike. Sorry.
Lauren fell out of the bed she was laughing so hard! HAHA!
Crissy and Cajun at the Battery.
Aaron, Nichelle, and Jerry (on his phone angry AGAIN) at the Battery.
Johnny, Lauren, and I as we depart from Ellis Island.
Blake, Amy, and I totally exhausted outside Macy's.
Me, Chris, and Jessie Jo outside Macy's. (Not sure what Berkley and Baker are doing.)
Us outside Macy's again. We were TIRED.
My trip "sisters" and "mother" (far right) outside the Empire State Building.
Crissy and Lauren inside the Empire State Building.
Johnny and Lauren on the observation deck at the Empire State Building.
Me and Cajun on the bus ride into NYC.
Me with Zack's hat on the bus ride.
Lauren sitting in my lap in Rockefeller Plaza.
A bunch of us just inside Central Park.
Cajun outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
A flock of us on the steps of the MMoA.
The street opposite the MMoA.
A McDonald's in Chinatown. :D
A plaque on the fence at Ground Zero.
A couple of us at the NBC Experience Studio Tour.
Johnny, Cajun, and Lauren...somewhere. Hehe.
Lady Liberty herself.
Lauren and I just following a FANTASTIC performance of 42nd Street. IT WAS AWESOME!
Johnny and Lauren in the window of the NBC Store.
Johnny and Shelly on the bus. I think we were in NJ.
Lauren lookin' a bit sleepy...not sure where we were.