My friend Johnny and I posing with a bronze ape.
THE St. Louis Arch.
The ST. LOUIS Arch.
The St. Louis ARCH.
A group of friends pose 'neath a small arch at the Science Center.
The front of the Art Museum, with Saint Louis himself.
The front of the Art Museum plus friends.
Some cathedral in St. Louis.
The inside of some cathedral in St. Louis.
An eagle at the zoo. Haha, bad picture, sorry.
The front of the Art Museum again.
It's Jesus. On the ceiling. At the cathedral.
My friends Johnny and Bethany outside Burger King. If you're ever in St. Louis, I highly recommend BK. Not really.
Saint Louis atop a horsey poo.
Help, I'm being attacked by...fake seals.
Some random animal at the zoo. He looks cool though, right?