POLITIC CHEESE!I cost my mother a fortune doing this

My Cheese!

Muenster Monterey Jack
Cheddar Mozzarella
Swiss Parmesan
Brie Colby

Those are the bestest cheeses a girl could ever wish for! And now, *drum roll* cheese porn! ;-)

Cheese Porn!

strike a pose, baby it only has an E in America
hot! tsss! parmesan is now starring in the made-for-tv-movie, Grounded for Life
next thing you know, there'll be pole-dancing cheese

Now wasn't that some DARNED fine cheese porn? I thought so! ;-)
Now, you are going to be forced to listen to my cheese aspirations! Or at least one of them. :-)

Okey dokems. Now, one of these days, I'm a-tellin' ya, I'm going to buy me 185lbs of unadulterated, pleasure-ridden Monterey Jack cheese. From this cheese, I will construct the perfect man. I plan on calling him Jack. Catchy, eh? :-) Just a dream, ya never know!

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