this is Max!
This is Max. He had a congestive heart, and eventually died of a heart attack, no joke. He was a good cat, rest his soul.

this is my Sammy Wammy
This here was my kitty Sam. He was a great cat, but we're not really sure what happened to him. He just kind of wandered off and never came back. He might of been cat-napped, or maybe he was sick and went off to die. No one knows.

here's my baby, Socks
Here's my little kitty Socksie when she was just a baby. Wasn't she cute?

she likes the coolness of the sink  :-)
It was summer, and the sink was cold, so she'd just jump in it and "cool her heels".

isn't she pretty in white?
She was asleep here, and I woke her up. That's why she looks a little p.o.'d. :-D She's still pretty though.

she takes after me, her mother
Now, here, she IS asleep. I think she takes after me in the way that we sleep in the weirdest positions. :-)

isn't she a sweeeety?
Here she hadn't been asleep, but she still has that look on her face of "Get outta here! Ya botha me!" don't you think? :-D

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