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Here is an example of what NOT to put in the "provide your opinion" blank:
ok well girl I don't really like it. You don tlike the number 7? how can you not? it is so like the best number in the world. Not to mention MY soccer number.and ok you not liking boy bands country or pop? hello at least you can understand the words in what they are saying. Ok and not liking the preppy boys? HELLO Brad Pitt, Josh Hartnett, James Marsden, Paul Walker- need I say more? and Elizabeth Hurley? HELLO she rocks! and the color blue- can we say get some school spirit? at first I thought that you were going to be like a cool person for liking Audrey Hepburn (who is my favorite actress too) and I Love Lucy (which is my all time favorite show) but ya know after all the put downs of the cool stuff that you DON'T like- I am not so sure of it. I am not sure of who you are but I would like to know how you got my website address and stuff (and by the way- I didn't make my site, somebody else did)

PLEASE limit the "hello's" to two (2) or less. Oh, and don't force your hypocritical, uneducated lifestyle upon me. Please? The blank text box asks for your opinion of my website, not of me, nor my personal likes or dislikes. The information collected here is used to better my website, not me. If you feel the urge to tell me off, defending the Backstreet Boys, or anything else, please e-mail me, or leave it in the guestbook. I also encourage proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Thanks.

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