Well, I'm a really dumb person, so instead of doing homework or something like that, I waste my time. Here are some of the ways I waste that time:

The Brown-Eyed Wonder Brigade. We're devoted to the oh-so irresistable Terence Corrigan.

Jamie Bamber! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous Indyboy? (Except maybe Terence, or Ioan, or Paul M., or Mr. Lindsay! They're all GORGEOUS!)

More of da Jamie Bamber. Gosh, these gals are great.

I also REALLY enjoy listening to Vogue, by Madonna, on fast-forward. It's frickin' hilarious.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail I just love this movie. :-) I once stole it from a friend of mine (same one who had the rubber chicken) a while ago because I wanted it so much. He has since taken it back, though. :-(

MAGNIFICENT! I also spend a lot of time looking at this photo. It's so breath-taking. No, it's NOT porn.

The Kids in the Hall I am really obsessed with the Kids in the Hall, along with other comedy troupes. Sooo, I LOVE 'em! :-)

Agincourt I really like this poem. It'sa vurry nice-a. ;-)

"The problem with crocodiles as dramatic actors is that they only have one expression, and that's three less than Michael Palin." --John Cleese, the Human Face

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